I WON A “MAJOR AWARD!”  (Think: A Christmas Story – leg lamp) — back in December, 2015.

It turned out to be a legitimate random drawing for three nights and four days at “When Words Count Retreat” in Rochester, Vermont, for myself and a guest. My husband  and I checked in last Thursday!

We had no idea what to expect.

We became a bit concerned after traveling the last mile of our journey from southern New Jersey on a gravel-covered, narrow, backwoods road, and joked about “The Blair Witch Project”—(thanking God it was daytime).

Blair Witch image


…we pulled into the drive of a lovely white farmhouse sporting a welcoming red door.IMG_2395

Behind that door was a total writer’s paradise. In between the fabulous gourmet meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner—and the cocktails, of course!) there was uninterrupted writing time! A concept completely foreign to me, until last week.

In the evenings, guests read portions of their current work, and the rest (including our host, Steve Eisner) critiqued what was read, in a professional, caring, and encouraging way.

With the food, the new friends we made, the spectacular mountain views, and crystal clear air,  we felt completely pampered.

If you ever get the chance to go—do it!

SURRENDER to this, or some other RETREAT!

Your “Work in Progress” (and your soul) will be glad you did!

Have you ever attended a “writer’s retreat?” If you have, please share your experience (good or bad) in the “Comments.”

I’d love to hear your stories!


9 thoughts on “NO RETREAT … NO SURRENDER!”

  1. That sounds so wonderful. Thank goodness that it didn’t turn into a real-life enactment of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”.

    As an aside, I have on my bookcase on old paperback of this novel with the original British title. I won’t type it here. It’s one of my very favourite books.

    I hope that this helped you to produce some superb work.

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    1. Harry – I’m glad you didn’t type it here also! (I had to look it up.) And, I did manage to make some progress on “Mae heads West” despite being constantly drawn outdoors to take photos of the beautiful surroundings. I wish all writers had a retreat like that right around the corner from wherever they live!

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      1. Yup—nice place, good food. But of course, when it’s a job, it feels different than being a guest. I left because I had to concentrate on marketing my novel. That said, glad you enjoyed it!

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