L.C. Bennett Stern began writing, (actually printing) at the age of three or four. The only individuals who cared to read her at that time were members of her large family and eventually her kindergarten teacher.

In the many years that followed, she wrote school essays, book reports, poems, magazine articles, and short stories; and took classes in communications, news writing and reporting, and humor writing. 

A sense of humor helped Linda through a disappointing first marriage, rearing two children who are by far much brighter than she, and sharing life with her second husband – a fellow writer. As she puts it: “Life at our house is very, very quiet – except for the occasional annoying bark of our Wheaton Terrier, Katie Scarlett.”

An insatiable interest in her forebears led to the discovery of one very interesting ancestor – a grandfather never known to the author, (the subject of her first book). Through research of this relative, she also learned the reason behind her obsession with “The Sound of Music” and “Fiddler on the Roof.” Her paternal grandfather descended from a line of Jewish relatives that got their start in Austria. It all made sense now.

Everyone hopes to find kings and queens in their family tree. Or, at least someone very rich who for some unknown reason left them all their fortune. But kings and queens can be boring (notwithstanding the occasional beheading), and who needs a ton of money to be happy? Discovering a multi-dimensional, colorful branch is much more exciting. (Although, a small inheritance would certainly be appreciated.)

The dream of living in the hills of Vermont (the closest she could get to the Von Trapp family) was dashed long ago, but Linda lives happily with her husband, Michael, in Southern New Jersey in a very quiet home – except for the hum of two very busy computers.

If you would like to interrupt her quietude, Linda would love to hear from readers who wish to share their thoughts. 

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      1. : ) Well, it only took me a year to get to reading this but I’m looking forward to more.
        You have me hooked. Lol, so cute, fun sense of humor. Reminds me of my grandfather & now, my moms humor.

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